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Technology doesn’t have to be intimidating. GeniusCentral provides natural and organic retailers the simple, easy-to-use tools they need to communicate with their customers and compete in the marketplace. We've been taking the "scary" out of technology solutions since 1999.

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GeniusCentral Suite of Products

Whether you’re a retailer or supplier, GeniusCentral has the solution for you.


Wireless multi-vendor ordering


Retail data integration


Automated ordering solution


An all-in-one scanner


Product data management

Brand Solutions

Supplier marketing program


A website solution


Custom loyalty rewards program

See how investing in ordering
technology creates opportunity.
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What is Actionable Intelligence?
Here at GeniusCentral, we are committed to providing Actionable Intelligence to our clients. What does that mean? Think of it as "data you can use without a Ph.D." as it pertains to your store or brand. Most "Business Intelligence" providers take piles of complicated data, and then organize the information so it can only be interpreted by a modern-day Einstein. But that's not how we roll. GeniusCentral takes it a step further, so our customers can use their data in daily operations.
The result? An immediate, positive impact to the bottom line, more time to spend with customers and a more genius way of doing business. We are in constant discovery mode of finding new ways to bring Actionable Intelligence to your store.

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