Ordering System

Ordering System Looking for a better ordering system? At Genius Central, we have you covered, with a range of software options designed to custom fit your business. With MyGenius Central, you can view, edit, and submit your orders from a single location- and you’ll have instant access to thousands of industry deals.

Employee Scheduler

Try out the most comprehensive employee scheduler available today. Searching for the best employee scheduling solution? WhatTimeDoIWork.com is an intuitive, easy to use, online employee scheduling solution for your business. Do you want to streamline the entire scheduling process? Unlike other programs, this superior scheduling software is designed to simplify, with its advanced scheduling template, positively impacting your bottom line. Learn more when you visit WhatTimeDoIWork.com. MIMA Technologies, Inc.

Online Review Management Tool

You can quickly and easily auto-post your 4 or 5 star reviews to social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) to keep your stream full of positive influences. Just integrate your social accounts, set the schedule, and our software does it all for you! Myreviewengine.com

Join us in our Bradenton office as a tech expert, marketing whiz, sales expert or finance guru. We have the perfect roles for the right Geniuses. Just send your resume and a little bit about yourself to careers@geniuscentral.com.

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There are no positions available, please check back soon.