Multi-Vendor Ordering Software




Next Generation In-Aisle Ordering Technology


Save Time

BUYiQ boosts productivity and store efficiency by allowing you to place orders with a wireless device. No Hot Syncing required—just turn on the scanner and start your order.

Be a Smarter Buyer

Gain instant access to the latest product information including price changes, sale pricing, new items and order quantities from your 6 previous orders – right in the palm of your hand.

Streamline Ordering

Eliminate the need for multiple ordering devices or applications and order from all your vendors with one intelligent tool. Access all major direct manufacturer and distributor catalogs.

One Solution Does It All

Why would you want to carry around multiple ordering devices  or use more than one ordering solution when one will do? BUYiQ is the only mobile in-aisle ordering software your store will need to order from all major direct manufacturers and distributors.

Additional features

All Major Supplier Catalogs

In-Aisle Sample Requests

Real-Time Pricing Updates

Running Order Totals

Review/Submit by Vendor

Product Sale Details

Automatic Catalog Updates

Inventory Mode

Shelf Tag Function

In-Aisle Order Submission

Offline Scanning

Order History