Clean Data: The difference between profits and problems.

Clean Data: The difference between profits and problems.

Dirty data is everywhere. Sounds bad, and it is. Poorly entered, inaccurate, and improperly formatted data can destroy profitability in nanoseconds. Just one example: decimal points. A poorly placed one could mean a product you bought wholesale for $100.00 was priced and sold based on a wholesale price of $10.00. Ouch.

And guess what — data errors can come from anywhere, even the data that comes directly from the vendor themselves. How are you possibly supposed to catch such errors in a situation like that?

It takes smart coding to find dumb data.

We use the phrase ‘Clean Data’ to describe data that’s been carefully scrubbed to identify, then fix dirty data using a set of algorithmic power tools. Our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the Natural Products industry enables us to use our proprietary software technology to minimize human data entry errors, quality check that data, and identify data mistakes before they interface with your systems. The result: reduced management costs, improved margins, and more time for ordering and marketing the right products at the right prices to the right customers.

Data hygiene is an everyday imperative.

Our long experience in the Natural Products industry has shown us one thing to be universally true; data errors can enter into the data chain at any step – and with potentially catastrophic effects. A single misplaced digit in a UPC code could mean any number of negative things. But what if that misplaced digit was caught and corrected well before it could do any damage? That’s the #1 benefit of Clean Data from Genius Central.

Cleaning data is the hardest, but most necessary, process of all.

We hate to say it, but there’s years and years of bad data out there. Again, our experience has shown over and over again that any time a human touches data, errors inevitably follow. Add to that incorrect or poorly communicated vendor information regarding price changes, discounts and promotions, temporary out-of-stocks, discontinued products, and incorrect pricing information, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

Genius Central cleans the data before it becomes a disaster.

We take the need for Clean Data very seriously. So much so that we have an entire department dedicated to ferreting out the mistakes and correcting them immediately.

Here’s just a few of the things our Data Hygiene Team finds and fixes:

  • Current Vendor Pricing
  • Product Descriptions
  • UPC verification
  • Brand Name formatting
  • Package size and count


The Goal: a truly seamless inventory management process.

Too many Natural Products retailers spend too much time on data management. At Genius Central, our ‘every day’ imperative is to come up with ways to minimize that unproductive time. The efforts we make behind the scenes to make dirty data sparkling clean is just one critically important example. And the fact that we specialize solely on the Natural Foods market means you’re getting a true specialist in what you do, and the way you can profitably do it, every day. How can we best serve your unique needs? Let’s find out together.