GeniusCentral Announces New Data Exchange Service for Retailers

New Data Exchange Service for Retailers

GeniusCentral announces today the launch of DetaSynQ™ (pronounced data-sink), a new data
integration service that delivers daily updates of store-specific data to store buyers in the aisle. Derived from the Japanese
word for data, DetaSynQ™ integrates proprietary, store-level inventory, pricing, and product movement data with
GeniusCentral’s natural product vendor catalogs and pricing database, the largest in the industry, and feeds the integrated
data to buyers instantly. It offers the ability to order from all vendors, including the smallest, local vendor whose orders are
typically received via phone, fax or email. DetaSynQ’s service pairs with the functionality of BUYiQ, GeniusCentral’s mobile
in-aisle ordering software, to equip managers with control over ordering, and buyers with relevant inventory data in-aisle to
allow for informed ordering decisions.

After extensive conversations with retailers who had been searching for affordable ways to utilize their own data to
encourage better buying decisions, GeniusCentral began collaborating with Lucky’s Market on the first DetaSynQ pilot
project. During the pilot, Lucky’s buyers experienced a dramatic drop in ordering time: down from 20 hours to 3 hours in a
typical vendor order cycle. It also assisted store managers with the improved control over inventory. “The DetaSynQ solution
has given me the tools I needed and allowed me to put tighter controls on ordering and inventory across many stores at
one time,” remarked Sindy Wise, Apothecary Director of Lucky’s Market. It has allowed us to use the significant number of
hours saved from ordering and reallocate that time to customer service and better merchandising, which has greatly
benefitted our customers.”

DetaSynQ™ provides retailers access to GeniusCentral’s expansive product database, along with store-specific wholesale
pricing, approved product lists, preferred vendor selection at the SKU level, deal details, store order history and item
movement data. These data feeds are combined for daily updates that give buyers the ability to make smart buying
decisions. While this service is built around retailer-approved product lists and quantity controls at the chain or individual
store level, buyers also have the flexibility to change vendors for out-of-stock and deal management purposes, as well as
add items for customers’ special orders. The result is less overstocked or out-of-stock items, increased cost savings and
better inventory turns that pays back the cost for a year’s service in the first few months of use.
One of the most in-demand features of DetaSynQ™ is the ability to send orders electronically to the store’s local vendors.

Prior to DetaSynQ™, retailers were limited by catalog availability and vendor participation in the network. Retailers
traditionally submit orders to local or smaller vendors via outdated and error prone phone, fax, or individual emails. Now,
retailers will be able to submit their order electronically to any vendor of their choice using the same system with the same
benefits as the largest national suppliers. This feature saves retailers time, reduces errors, and provides a permanent digital
tracking trail, with built-in historical data for future analytics.

“We are excited to be working with Lucky’s Market and other rapidly growing stores on features that will deliver proven
benefits to many independent retailers across the industry. DetaSynQ gives buyers the ability to order the right quantities
at the right price at the right time, regardless of the POS system they use, at a more affordable price than other inventory
control systems in the market,” said Linda Sheehan, President and Founder of Genius Central. “As a result, these forward
thinking stores are reaping the returns in the form of labor savings, more time for customer service and increased profits
from tighter inventory controls.”