What the future brings for our network suppliers

2017 will bring some much desired features and functions for participating suppliers in our network. Currently, GeniusCentral’s network includes over 700 suppliers, all of whom are looking for ways to help them operate more efficiently and ultimately support the growth of their business. To help our suppliers achieve this goal, we’ll be adding some new offerings this year including reporting, automated delivery of retailer-specific pricing, and interactive mobile-friendly promotional offers delivered through BUYiQ to retailers right in the aisle. These are just a few of the services that are in development currently or are planned for development mid-year.

The first new service available this quarter is our reporting function. It will provide participating suppliers with a store order report from the GeniusCentral network of retailers. Participating suppliers will be able to log into SupplierGenius and download a report giving them the visibility into which retailers in our network have and have not ordered their specific product(s) in a given quarter. This report will be available to participating suppliers in their SupplierGenius account each month. Viewing this report will allow suppliers to quickly identify sales opportunities or spot a downward trend quickly and address them at specific retail locations.

GeniusCentral’s ordering platform has always provided distinctly unique promotional marketing services by allowing suppliers to display timely promotions to buyers through our ordering platform. Expanding on this capability, our second group of services offer a capability we have not historically had. Suppliers will soon have the opportunity to deliver their promotions through a mobile interface to buyers, right in the aisle. BUYiQ’s software will now provide suppliers multiple opportunities to expedite the introduction of new products, generate new store leads or help grow sales incrementally. Our sample offer function is now in a pilot phase with our buyers. Other promotional services are planned for development later in the first quarter.

The third new supplier service is Pricebooks, or what some suppliers refer to as retailer-specific pricing files. Every supplier that we have had the opportunity to talk with tells us about the extensive pricing files they manage for each retailer. So, in order to create a more efficient process to track and electronically deliver specific pricing to the retailer, we began developing Pricebooks. This new function is planned to be in a pilot phase by the third quarter. Pricebooks will allow suppliers to quickly and easily assign and electronically deliver a pricing file to a specific group of retailers or single retailer. Suppliers will save hours of manual labor by utilizing this automated function through the SupplierGenius portal. All pricing files and assignments will be kept strictly confidential and will be controlled only by an agent assigned by the supplier.

Now that you have had a peek into what we are planning for the upcoming year, we hope you are as excited as we are. Are you interested in learning more about any of the features above? Have some ideas on how we can help your business? Email or call us today at 800.360.2231 ext 1593.