GeniusCentral and KeHE Announce Continuation of Ordering Partnership

GeniusCentral and KeHE are pleased to announce the continuation of their partnership to support the ordering needs of their joint retail customers. The companies partnered in 2009 to rollout the Easy Tree ordering solution for KeHE customers. GeniusCentral, previously named Living Naturally, branded their flagship ScanGeniusTM product with the Easy Tree brand for KeHE customers. The two companies have had a longstanding partnership around ordering and will continue with their next generation of ordering solutions.

Both companies introduced new mobile ordering solutions at EXPO East in Baltimore. GeniusCentral’s new wireless multi-vendor ordering solution, BUYiQTM, combines the familiarity of using a mobile device with the efficiency and simplicity of a single solution ordering system with access to over 700 vendors. KeHE’s new ordering app, KeHEConnect:OrderTM is a free download in the Apple app store that allows retailers to place orders directly with KeHE.

Retailers will have a choice of ordering solutions from GeniusCentral and KeHE. This will allow the retailer to choose which solution will fit best for their needs and budget. GeniusCentral’s neutral position in the industry contributes to their corporate goal of developing and delivering the products and features retailers and suppliers need to optimize inventory velocity.

“KeHE has been a supportive partner to GeniusCentral for many years and we are grateful that we can continue to work together,” said CEO, John Miles. “I feel it is a great service to retailers when two companies can come together and support solutions that are in the best interest of the retailer.”

GeniusCentral will continue to be KeHE’s preferred partner for retailers who need a more robust ordering solution to place orders with multiple vendors. The companies will work together to provide the service that will work best for retailers, whether it be BUYiQ or KeHE Connect:Order.

“KeHE is excited to continue to partner with GeniusCentral to provide our retailers with ordering solutions that make ordering easy,” said KeHE CIO Scott Cousins. “We’re also actively working with GeniusCentral to ensure that KeHEConnect:OrderTM can coexist on the same iOS device as BUYiQ, allowing retailers to use one device for all their ordering needs.”

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