It’s All About the Hardware

Choosing and Maintaining Your BUYiQ Hardware

Whether you’re new to BUYiQ or have been using the software for some time, questions about hardware have likely come up. Which device is the best? What’s the difference between the available options? Should I use my old iPod, or try an Android? Choosing and maintaining the right hardware is critical to having a successful BUYiQ experience, but all of the options can be overwhelming. Here are a few guidelines to follow when deciding on and maintaining your hardware.

Choosing the Right Hardware

When choosing hardware for BUYiQ, there some important factors to take into account. Cost is always a concern, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor in choosing hardware. Do you have more experience with Apple or Android devices? Which is easier for you to use? Choosing a device that fits your comfort level and experience is always going to be the right choice, no matter the cost.

Another consideration is the scanning mechanism. BUYiQ works with all-in-one devices or paired devices. All-in-one scanners like the Android-based Bluebird, have a built-in scanner, making it easy to grab and go. Paired devices, like an Apple iPod with a Linea Pro scanner, communicate with one another to enable barcode scanning. The Linea Pro, which holds the scanner, is a case that encloses the iPod or iPhone so it can feel like an all-in-one device. There may be a bit more setup involved with a paired device, but again, operating systems (Apple or Android) play a big part in this choice. Always fit the device to your own experience and invest in something that will work for you.

Tips for Hardware Maintenance

No matter what device you choose, it will always require proper maintenance to operate at the highest level. Here are some tips that will keep your device running smoothly:

  • Always run operating system updates as they are released. Both Apple and Android regularly release software updates that can improve the functionality of your device. (Note: Any Apple device with an operating system lower than iOS 7.0 will not work with BUYiQ.)
  • Clear your browser cache on a regular basis. This can usually be done in the Settings menu on your device. If your cache gets too backed up, it might to slow things down.
  • Keep your device charged and ready to go, and turn it off when not in use to save the charge.

Don’t be afraid to get new hardware if your current device just isn’t working for you! Give a good amount of thought to what will work best with your store, your process, and your buyers. Our customers give us a lot of feedback about the various hardware options that are out there, so please contact us if you have questions. While we do not sell hardware, we’re happy to give you recommendations to help you make your choice. Call your Sales Representative at 1-800-360-2231 for more information.