New BUYiQ Features Coming Your Way

New BUYiQ Features Coming Your Way

BUYiQ Feature: Product Search

Our BUYiQ customers have been asking us for a product search feature in BUYiQ so they can more easily find items without having a UPC or item code. You asked for these new BUYiQ features, and we listened! We will be releasing this feature to BUYiQ users* in June.
The ability to search for a product by name, vendor, or brand has some important benefits. Here are a few scenarios in which a product search would be useful:

Product is Missing a Shelf Tag

The tag is lost and the product is out of stock. You remember the item, but not the UPC and need to reorder. Just search for the product by name and add it to your order. As simple as that!

Finding a Product for a Customer

Like other in-aisle buyers, you are often stopped by customers looking for a specific item. With a product search in BUYiQ you can instantly look up or search for the customer request from a database containing all items carried by your store’s suppliers without even leaving the sales floor.

Finding a Seasonal item

You are coming into the summer season and restocking the shelves. You find you are missing an item. Rather than walking all the way back to the computer and navigating to a search page, you can do a quick search for the item name in BUYiQ and add it to your order right then and there.

These are just a few of the many possible ways this search can be used. To give us a better understanding of how and when buyers will use this feature, we will be gathering comments and feedback from users in order to ensure we’re developing features that best serve you, our customers.

BUYiQ Feature: Deal Finder

How many extra dollars are you spending because you missed out on a deal? Our goal is to give you the most accurate and up-to-date sale information to help you make better and more profitable buying decisions. With that in mind, BUYiQ users will be getting another premium feature, due out this July, called Deal Finder. This new feature will allow users to view a list of deals they may have initially missed out on when creating their order. It will work much like the current stocked-not-scanned feature in the review screen.

Later this summer we’ll be releasing an enhancement to this missed deal feature that will allow buyers to access a list of available deals in the main menu. This list will show all vendors with current deals and you can narrow it down further to view specific items and easily add them to your orders. All from your in-aisle, handheld device.

So, keep an eye out for release announcements of new BUYiQ features in the BUYiQ message center! We look forward to hearing from you about these new features, along with any other comments and recommendations you may have. You can send your comments to us directly at or you can send them right from the aisle – simply tap the chat icon in bottom left corner of the About screen.

*This feature will be available to BUYiQ only users. BUYiQ users with DetaSynQ will not have access to this feature.