Tips & Tricks: Operations Support Technology

If you’re an independent retailer, you likely already know the pitfalls of poor data. Josh Estafen, IT Director at Mustard Seed Market, has been working with store data for over 10 years. He has seen first-hand how good data, combined with operational standards and technology, can revolutionize a business.

One of Estafen’s primary pieces of advice for colleagues is that operations support technology. “It doesn’t matter what technology solution you have, if you do not build organizational systems, you’re going to have complications,” according to Josh. He continues, “You can’t expect the technology to take care of all the operational details. You must create operational structure and then support it with technology tools.” Implementing technology without creating an operational base can lead to disappointment on both sides. You won’t feel satisfied in your investment, and the tech is limited in the ways it can benefit your business.

Ruben Fernandes, Managing Partner at EZB Solutions, a Point-of-Sale provider, agrees that setting standard operating procedures is a necessary step for stores. “Ordering is such a big part of a business that, while it’s okay to have multiple people involved, having a unified approach is really helpful. Everybody trained the same way, understanding the store procedures,” he says. Putting operational systems in place to support the technology is vital for a successful integration.

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