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Ordering Fueled by Data

It’s time to spend less time manually writing orders. It’s time to throw out all the spreadsheets, order templates and inferior ordering apps. Sales Genius, a web-based sales rep order management software solution, can be used by brokers and manufacturer sales reps to streamline ordering processes, generate reports, and reduce data management. It is the ONLY solution with a powerful database of product data fed by National and Regional Distributors and over 500 direct manufacturers to help you and your business gain insight and efficiency. It’s time to stop spending hours gathering order data, creating reports, and searching supplier catalogs for products. It’s time to start using Sales Genius.


Quick Ordering

Automated ordering saves 20 minutes
per order on average.


Access to Data

Data feeds of pricing, promotions, store lists and more from distributors and direct manufacturers nationwide.


Automated Reports

Spend less time creating sales performance reports for clients or internal purposes.

STOP managing data and start submitting orders!

Sales Genius has pre-built connections to ALL Major National and Regional distributors, as well as over 500 direct brands providing access to the largest natural and specialty ordering product database in the industry. These connections allow your reps to take advantage of data they need to create retailer orders faster. No more managing spreadsheets of data. Search, add and order! We have made it that simple! And Sales Genius allows reps submit orders with the peace of mind that orders are getting to the supplier for processing because we provide in-platform order submission confirmations.

Search, Source and Save

Reps can easily search and source products and electronically submit orders directly to the supplier. Reps can view pricing, promotional details, and product statuses from different supplier sources. Users can also pre-load and view MCBs and OIs, tag products with customizable item codes, rank top sellers, identify items on a SPIFF, capture pre-orders, duplicate orders, send order confirmations to a third party (i.e., buyer, admin, manager), and much more.

New Products

As new products hit a distributor warehouse, reps will immediately have access to those products, and can write and submit orders for retail stores.

Order History

Sales Genius stores order history by store account or brand for quick reference. Filter Order History by territory, store, supplier, data range, or order status to view orders, duplicate a previous order, and submit to supplier.


Built-in turnover or order reports allow sales teams to report on their performance by brand, rep, region and/or nationwide. Sales Genius provides a dashboard to quickly create time-saving reports showing sales performance for clients and for internal business purposes.

Additional features

Write and submit orders online

Distributor and manufacturer pricing

Search 300,000+ products

National database of natural and specialty retailers

Electronic record of order history

Admin level controls

Built-in reporting for proof of performance

Real-time order submission to supplier

We couldn’t run our business or provide any meaningful guidepost to our vendor partners without Sales Genius. Tozzi has utilized the Sales Genius service for over 12 years.
It provides ready access to pricing, distributor warehouse availability, and promotional activity in real time. It allows us to identify focus initiatives and produces timely turnover reports by rep and store stocking reports that include cumulative data.

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