Genius Central’s suite of Order Management Solutions elevate your business and simplify the ordering process — from integration tools that help you make the best use of your store’s data to in-aisle tools that give you access to the most extensive wholesale database in the industry.  Combine all our available services to maximize the efficiency of your store or choose the services that best suit the needs of your store.


BUYiQ – Multi-Vendor In-Aisle Ordering Software

Reduce ordering time by up to 70%, cut labor costs and save money with access to thousands of deals. BUYiQ lets you walk the aisle and order from all major distributors and direct brands with one simple solution.


OrderLinQ – Point-of-Sale Order Integration

OrderLinQ lets you use your existing POS to create and send orders electronically while providing access to money-saving deals and pricing information. Streamline your ordering process and reduce errors with this affordable addition to your store’s software.


DetaSynQ – Retail Data Exchange Service

Put your store-generated data to good use with DetaSynQ. Create more accurate orders, control order activity at the store level, and arm buyers with relevant, timely information, all while drastically reducing the time spent ordering. DetaSynQ also allows you to order every item in your store electronically – even from your smallest local vendor.


GCHQ – Genius Central’s Retailer Headquarters

This unique mobile in-aisle solution gives you access to the industry’s largest wholesale database, with over 300,000 active items from over 700 vendors. Search and Source the products your customers are looking for! GCHQ also pairs seamlessly with BUYiQ to create the perfect solution for local vendor ordering. Order electronically from all of your vendors, from the largest distributor to the smallest local vendor.

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