BUYiQ 2.0

The Latest in Multi-Vendor
In-Aisle Ordering Software


BUYiQ 2.0 offers a simplified navigation allowing users to quickly and easily access important information. Using technology that’s standard on smart phones and tablets, navigation between screens can be accomplished with a simple swipe. One quick action lets users switch from a current scanned item to a list view of all scanned products.

Order History

The Previous Order Quantity display gives you a conveniently placed visual of a scanned product’s order history. See how many you’ve ordered and from which suppliers over the last six orders . Get order history at your fingertips and take the guesswork out of selecting quantity. Reduce out-of-stocks and avoid too much overstock with BUYiQ 2.0!


Never miss a sale! Product Alerts in BUYiQ 2.0 give you the most important information about the products you’re scanning. Displayed alerts include products on sale, discontinued products, products that have had a price change, and products with a minimum quantity requirement greater than one. Take advantage of sales and avoid errors on your order with automatic product alerts.


BUYiQ 2.0 comes equipped with helpful filtering and sorting tools for reviewing your orders. Zero in on a particular order or easily locate miskeyed quantities with the Sort tool. Need to find something using more specific criteria? You can easily apply filters to individual orders or all of your scanned items. Filter by Quantity Errors, On Sale, Price Changed, or Discontinued and find just what you’re looking for!

*Prices displayed are not reflective of current catalog pricing