Local Vendor Ordering

Order from Local Vendors with BUYiQ




Order Locally in 70% Less Time


Save Time

Calling in or emailing orders is a time consuming process that can take you off the floor and away from your customers. The Local Vendor add-on for BUYiQ allows you to scan your entire store with just one device, saving you time and helping you get back on the floor with your customers.

Increase Efficiencies

Local Vendor Ordering with GCHQ helps to eliminate the operational barriers that exist when ordering from local vendors. Access to a centralized management console, single system transparency, and using one device to order from every vendor in your store can streamline the ordering process and increase operational efficiencies across the board.

Immediate Return on Investment

This affordable add-on to BUYiQ can provide an almost immediate return on your investment. If you regularly order from 10 local vendors, for example, and each order takes on average 20 minutes to complete, that’s over 3 hours spent on just those few orders. Ordering electronically with BUYiQ has been shown to reduce ordering time by 70%. In this scenario, ordering local vendors with BUYiQ can reduce your ordering time by 2 hours! The substantial labor savings achieved with electronic ordering makes Local Vendor Ordering with GCHQ a wise investment.

One Device. Every Vendor.

Order from every vendor in your store – from the largest distributor to the smallest local vendor – with just one device. This easy-to-use, drag and drop solution seamlessly integrates with BUYiQ and MyGeniusCentral to help you consolidate your ordering process and save valuable time.

Additional features

Drag and drop product files

Data validation

Submit orders electronically

Diversify product mix

Preview data before loading

Integrates with BUYiQ

Simple, clean user interface

Build community connection