POS Interface

In aisle ordering software supercharged with your POS




Supercharge your POS with ordering data

GeniusCentral and LOC have partnered to create a valuable add-on interface for stores with LOC SMS Point-of-Sale. This interface allows retailers with a LOC SMS POS to connect directly to the largest natural product database in the industry and access additional updated product data, pricing and deals from GeniusCentral’s database.


Buyer downloads product data, pricing and deals from GC and imports into LOC POS


Buyer creates order with BUYiQ or POS and sends to MGC for review and submission


Orders and electronic invoices can be downloaded into LOC POS for reconciliation*

*Electronic Invoices available from participating vendors only

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Benefits for Your Store

Affordable Add-on with High ROI

Reduces Errors

Increases Order Accuracy

Cuts Down on Manual Data Entry

Better Margins from Updated Pricing

Updated Vendor Catalogs, Pricing and Deals

Increased Speed and Accuracy of Receiving

Simple PO to Invoice Reconciliation

Add New Products with Product Search

Integrates Seamlessly with BUYiQ

Visibility on Deals and Sample Offers