Turn Your Expensive POS Into a Supercharged Ordering Beast

There’s really no way around it; If you have a retail store, you need to have a system at the final point of sale. And those systems don’t come cheap. The question is, are you extracting the utmost value out of your systems-or are they just glorified cash registers?

What if you could turn your POS system into an ordering info center? What if it could not only assist you with stock replenishment ordering, but deliver insights into deals, movement, shrink and seasonal trends – for an expert ordering experience? And what if you could turn that expensive bean-counting box into a profit-producing engine for your entire operation? Can such a thing be done? Yes, and it already has been, and it’s got a name: OrderLinQ.

Computer Assisted Ordering is soooo 2007

CAO was a big deal-over a decade ago. Flashforward to today and CAO isn’t working for most stores anymore. Why? Because, while computer assisted ordering can help identify what’s been sold, that’s just the beginning of what’s needed for smarter ordering

With OrderLinQ, you get all the benefits of a built-in replenishment system combined with an entire universe of data from external vendors, catalogs, deals and more. And when you want to add a new vendor to your store, chances are OrderLinQ already has that vendor’s catalog and item information ready to add directly into your system, eliminating hours of manual labor. OrderLinQ enables you to order faster, smarter, and more profitably from your existing POS system.

OrderLinQ Key Features & Benefits include:

  • Updated Vendor Catalogs, Pricing, Deals
  • Simple Electronic Invoice Reconciliation
  • Add New Products with Product Search
  • Increased Order Accuracy
  • Reduces Manual Data Entry
  • Better Margins from Updated Pricing
  • Visibility on Deals and Sample Offers
  • Imported Invoices for Inventory Management

OrderLinQ is jet fuel for your POS. Are you ready for takeoff?

Download vendor catalogs and invoices, get up-to-date deals and promotional pricing, create and submit orders electronically to all your vendors-these are just a few of the capabilities OrderLinQ can provide all without changing your existing point-of-sale system.*

At Genius Central, we don’t play favorites either. If your POS or back office system is an open system that serves you well, you can be sure we will work to support it. Our mission is not directed toward any shortlist of POS vendors.. It’s directed to you and your business.

To learn more about the POS providers we serve, call your Genius Central representative, or contact us at sales@geniuscentral.com.

* Does not apply to certain POS systems. Contact us at sales@geniuscentral.com to see if your system is supported.